Strettons Tree Data Base

Strettons Tree Data Base

A new initiative of the Church Stretton Tree Group has been to establish a data base of notable trees in the Strettons.  Data collected, which is displayed in a table and on Google Maps, include information on the type of tree, its location expressed as latitude and longitude, and any noteworthy features.  The latter may be varied covering such details as shape, age, spring or autumn colours, whether it has protected status (a TPO) or even whether there is a story attached to the tree.  

Principal objectives in preparing the data base are to allow an accessible-to-all, user-friendly means of recognising the species, number and location of significant trees in the Strettons, and to allow tree cover and health to be monitored over time. Historic data can be used to answer questions such as ‘Is the tree still there?’, ‘Is the tree still healthy/diseased?’ and ‘What has the growth rate of the tree been over time?’

In order to keep the data base current and accurate we encourage people to send in suggestions to add to the list, and to inform us of any errors in the data - in particular species identification and location.

The data base can be accessed by clinking on this link:  Strettons Tree Data Base’.

 You can see the data on a map: Tree Map of the Strettons.

To make our database more acurate and complete we need your help. If you know of a tree that should be added to our database and map please contact Jane Fallows on: