Monitoring and Protecting Trees

The Tree Group has helped to plant, monitor and protect valued trees in the Strettons, and offer access to advice on tree care. We are a consultee for tree applications, and work closely with both the Town Council and Shropshire Council and local Tree Wardens.

The group has planted hedges and trees in Coppice Leasowes Local Nature Reserve, Jubilee Trees along Shrewsbury Road in All Stretton and a small leaf lime near the Catholic Church on Sandford Avenue.

Many of our most significant trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), but some have no such protection. Some of the woodland in and surrounding the town is also under a TPO.

Much of the Strettons is in a Conservation Area which means any tree felling or tree work must be the subject of a Notice to the local planning authority, Shropshire Council. The Notice (known as a Section 211) must describe the work proposed. This notification gives the planning authority six weeks to consider the proposal and an opportunity to make a Tree Preservation Order. If the tree (or trees) already have a TPO a formal application should be made again describing any work to be done. The local volunteer Tree Wardens look at the proposed tree works and, if appropriate, make comments which are then considered by the Town Council, before being submitted to Shropshire Council. More information about making a Section 211 Notice (application), with guidance notes and information about trees on Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders, is on the Shropshire Council website under Trees and Woodland.